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America’s Top Agent Shares Secrets To Being A King of Listings!

Join Dr. Hank and Top Agent, Kevin Caskey (named Top Producer in D Magazine, Top Producer in The Advocate and recognized as an Influencer in Modern Luxury Magazine) as he shares the secrets to being the "King of Listings"!

✔ Set Your Goal of "I want to be listing famous!"
✔ Secrets to listings including listings get listings and more!
✔ Ask for it, including relatives ask to "Interview Me!"

The 3 keys to being successful that include:

✔ Building your database!
✔ Branding you and your interests!
✔ Using social media and FB Personal & Business Pages

Plus, you will get the best listing presentation in America by simply asking for it at

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Learn to “Magnetize Your Marketing & YOU!” with Jodi-Kay Edwards!

This "Agent Wealth Success" National Podcast will build your business with a lasting impact and scale your business to a new height of success! Join Dr. Hank and Jodi-Kay Edwards as they show you how to "Magnetize Your Marketing & YOU!" This magical episode includes:

✔ How to tap into your GENIUS ZONE and SUPERPOWER!
✔ Create "Divine Downloads" with all the answers!
✔ Find your value and shine your light!
✔ Discover the "Millionaire Morning" and become a millionaire!

Then tap into your niche by:

✔ Learn the "Meet Martha Strategy!"
✔ Develop your niche and magnetize yourself!
✔ How to GO VIRAL by talking about yourself!
✔ A 30 day marketing plan that builds VIRAL MOMENTUM!

Plus!!! Get These Free Offers!

1. Download Jodi-Kay's E-Course "Unteachable Narrowed Niche
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You will become a shiny magnet with this episode and these resources! 


5 Closes A Month With These 3 Strategies w/ Christina Probeyahn!

Join Dr. Hank and Christina Probeyahn to find out the secrets on having 5-6 closings a month with 3 strategies that include:

1. Google leads and make it rain 20-30 leads a month
2. Top Lead Program in America for just $50/month
3. Relationship and community building

Then learn how Christina follows up with these leads that includes:

✔ Using 2 automated drip campaigns
✔ Automated property search alerts
✔ The minute and a half video that makes them want YOU!

Plus, secrets on how to connect with prospects using Facebook, how to share squeeze pages with FB Groups and a dashboard that shows actives on your site!

This show will triple your business and most of all Christina shared with us on the most important thing is to "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!"


Top Broker In America Shares Secrets To All The Leads!

One of America's top brokers, Gene Frederick, shares his secrets to generating business and more leads anywhere and all the time! Gene is the author of "101 Ways To Generate Leads In Real Estate", was the top 5 Broker at KW and now has more passive income and stock than ever! He has taught thousands of Agents and Brokers over the past 35 years how to have all the leads with no dollar investment!

You will discover:

✔ Not all people are created equally for leads!
✔ The 3 types of people who refer leads!
✔ How to think big and then small to generate leads!

Plus, Gene has THE question to ask when going to a listing presentation that will generate $200,000 commissions a year!

✔ Learn the power of asking for help and how to ask for it!
✔ How to make Easter or any holiday a way to own 500 homes!
✔ How to energize what you do to make it fun and last a lifetime!

Gene can go anywhere and generate leads and lots of business, and so can you after you listen to this amazing show! 


Top Broker Shares Technology Insights With Dr. Hank

Join Dr. Hank and the #5 ReMax Broker in the world, Colin Jacobs, as they discuss how to use the newest technology to explode your business! You will learn:

✔ How to promote your business with technology!
✔ How to promote yourself and tell your story using technology!
✔ How to be likable and where most business comes from!

You will also discover how to become a Global Agent and have access to International portals and Tesla Technologies to build your business! Other strategies including:

✔ Using new laws of state governments to build your business!
✔ Using the best systems including Bomb Bomb and video marketing!

Your gift this week is free access to Colin's cutting edge training, marketing and international strategies by going to for fully technology enabled apps and ideas that will take you into the future success of real estate!

The future of real estate is now and this Podcast will show you where it is! 


How to Shatter Your Self-Imposed Ceilings!

Join Dr. Hank and top Berkshire Hathaway Agent, Steve Torneten, as he shares the secret to his are going to be amazed at his answer! This will touch your soul as you watch Dr. Hank's show and learn:

✔How to create a meaningful experience with others!
✔It is our glass ceiling of money and worthiness that stops us!
✔How to believe you can change another's life!

✔You get in the way when you tell them your knowledge!
✔Connect with others at a deeper level by getting what's going on with them!
✔A Close is what happens because of the experience you create with others!

As you set your sights (Seitz) on "the mountain with no top", you will discover a way to grow, enjoy and be more successful.

Steve couldn't write his name at age 19 and now he commands the stage and will put you in tears as you hear about his journey and adventurers of using power instead of force! We take this one to the mountain with no top!!!


Top Broker Shares Secrets To Selling $80 Million w/Dr. Hank!

Dr. Hank interviews one of the top Brokers in America, Jason Will, who shares his secrets that you can immediately apply to grow your real estate business that includes:

✔ How to get listings with people that aren't listing!
✔ How to get FSBO's easily and quickly!
✔ How to use a COMMUNITY PAGE to get 10,000+ potential clients!

You will also learn about the EDDIE Formula and how to build your story with your target audience! Plus, how to use Open Houses and build a $10 million dollar business!

Jason is highly sought after by Agents to learn his secrets and he is putting on his IMPACT AGENT conference with Tom Ferry in April!

Go to to check it out and attend this event of the year that guarantees to grow your real estate business!!!



The path to success doesn’t have to be hard. Today’s guest, Dr. Hank Seitz, has a simple technique that will absolutely help any real estate agent succeed. This three-step technique is exactly what Dr. Hank shares with the agents he coaches, and it’s one of the most effective tools in his arsenal. After explaining why this technique works and how to use it properly, Dr. Hank offers other invaluable information for agents, including a way to increase annual commissions by $100,000 and a strategy for overcoming sales slumps. Don’t miss it!


Note: Pat Hiban interviewed me in late 2018, and this was originally published on his podcast, Real Estate Rockstar Radio

Increase Your Ranking & Beat The Algorithms - Part 2

Join Dr. Hank and real estate Social Media Guru, Karen Liz Albert, as they show you how to increase your rankings and beat the algorithms in Social Media.  This gives you the hands on, under the hood, information to take your business to the next level of success including:
✔ The 3 most important Social Platforms in Real Estate!
✔ Why & what Hashtags to use for real estate!
✔ The importance of a "call to action" on every message!
Get over 20,000 followers and increase your real estate business 10 fold by using these strategies!

Increase Your Business 10 Fold With Social Media - Part 1

Join Dr. Hank and real estate Social Media Guru, Karen Liz Albert, as they share with you the importance of social media to your success!  This part will cover:
  • The importance of knowing your target audience using social media!
  • How to create a well that is narrow and deep with your target audience!
  • Turn yourself from a minnow to a whale with social media!
This is an impact filled session that will completely change the way you post, how you post and the messages you now craft that your audience will love!