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Get Turned On With Life With Kendal Williams

Join Dr. Hank and Abundance Coach & Sex Coach, Kendal Williams, as they explore how you can go from a Nightmare to a Daydream and manifest the money, love and joy you want!

  • Learn how to tap into your "TURNON" for maximum manifestation power!
  • How to "SELF COMMAND" and set your intentions!
  • Soul Alignment is available to you easily and quickly!
  • You will also discover "PERMISSION STATEMENTS" that will give you permission to have the happiness, wealth and joy as you enter into your "ORGASMIC ENERGY"!



PLUS, discover how you can DAYDREAM your way to success!!!

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Mastermind Magnets - RE Trends & Free Top Lead Programs!

You will love this episode of "Mastermind Magnets" where you will be armed with all the information to connect with prospects/clients and have free top lead programs that will give you at least 2 closes and 2 referrals each month!

  • How the next 4 months of real estate will be the best ever!
  • Give your clients clarity and upliftment about the world events!
  • Never do a FB Boost again with 

Get 10 Pre-Qualified Appointments a Week Using The FB Backdoor!

Agents are now getting 10 leads a week and having commissions of $16,000-$25,000 in the first week using Facebook Backdoor Advertising!

Join Dr. Hank and Aaron Martinez (from RE Agent Growth) and find out how to get buyers, then attract sellers with all your buyers!!! PLUS...

  • Learn how to use Facebook to TARGET BUYERS & SELLERS!
  • Discover where Facebook's backdoor advertising is!
  • Run a successful ad campaign for just $3 for every qualified lead!

BONUS: Get Free FB Backdoor Ad Training!!!
BONUS: Free Membership Into "Real Estate Marketing Secrets!"

Mastermind Magnets 🧲 How To Be The Preferred Agent

The #1 consideration in selecting an agent is their RELEVANT LOCAL/NATIONAL EXPERTISE!

In this magical episode you will:

  • Get the latest updates on real estate and where the opportunities are!
  • Best ways to motivate a BUYER & SELLER now!

BONUS: Free "BEST SCRIPTS" for all types of situations and people!
BONUS II: Free "10 Steps For A Magnet Live VIRTUAL TOUR!

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How To Build Deep Meaningful Relationships

This episode of "Health, Wealth & Success!" will help you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with everyone from your past, currently and into your bright future!

  • You have the power to improve every and any relationship!
  • Magnetize yourself to attract kind and loving people!
  • Understand how your thoughts make another behave!

BONUS! Included is the free "Relationships Meditation" that will improve all your relationships!

Mastermind Magnets - #1 Consideration When Selecting An Agent!

The #1 consideration when selecting a real estate agent is your "Relevant Expertise" locally, nationally and economic knowledge. In this episode you will be the most up to date and expert including:

  • The Economy and where it is booming!
  • The Virus and why there won't be any more shutdowns!
  • The Protests and the Reform to follow!

You will even hear Dr. Martin Luther King's "The Speech" on LOVE and Non-Violence of the new!

  • Plus, find out the 3 Entrepreneurship and opportunities that await us!
  • Why the next 4 months will be the best real estate months ever!
  • How it is the Buyers and Sellers time to act NOW!

How To Build Your Wealth With Real Estate & Multiple Assets

Join Wealth Strategist and Financial Rockstar, Rebecca Walser, as she shares with us how the tax world will change and how to invest and keep more of your money including:

  • Which Real Estate investments are best in this decade!
  • The two best steps to retire rich!

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The Cure For The Corona Virus With Dr. Jen!

Medical Doctor and Urgent Care Doctor, who was sick & tired of being sick & tired, shares with us how she went from 204 pounds to 120 pounds with:

  • More Energy!
  • Greater Mind Clarity!
  • Healthier, Wealthier & Happier!

You will learn the 3 easy steps to being healthy that will make you look younger, live longer and have little or no side effects from the Corona Virus!

BONUS: Get Dr. Jen's healthy Chocolate recipe!
BONUS: Get a FACELIFT for free! Just ask Dr. Hank how!

Mastermind Group - First Responders Lead Program + Lots More!!!

You are going to love this Mastermind Group Episode as it will get you 4 CLOSINGS A MONTH! Plus more including:

  • Learn how to have your local First Responders Lead Program!
  • Get up to date on what is happening with the RE market!
  • How the next 4 months will be the greatest RE months ever!

P.S. Make sure you and all real estate professionals join us every Tuesday at noon CST at so you too can have 4 closings a month and have the mindset to set yourself free and prosperous!!!

How To Decrease Your Stress!

This is the "Health, Wealth & Success!" series that is focused on where stress comes from and how to reduce your stress easily and quickly!

  • Learn the 3 causes of stress!
  • Find out the 3 steps to eliminate stress!
  • How To Think In "THE GREEN ZONE!" 

BONUS: You hear from Medical Doctor Bert Herring, renowned world authority on stress, his 5 steps to decrease your stress! You can also email for these steps!

Tune in next Wednesday at noon CST for Dr. Hank's "Health, Wealth & Success!" at